What Is Enough?

OAVCFI0It became so overwhelmingly and abundantly clear during a run one evening…

I’m 33-years old and historically I have always HATED running. I always thought those who were avid runners were just crazy, but recently I started running and tracking my workouts with this app on my iPhone. For me, technology always makes things more interesting and fun. I found myself actually enjoying the runs for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious reason is because it was helping me meet my workout goals and get those fancy achievement rings on my Apple Watch. I told you…technology has a way of motivating me.

The second reason is the freedom it provides me to get away from the constant mommy barragement that is my home life. Mommy gets called and updated for everything…”Mommy I need water, mommy I’m hungry, mommy I need to go potty, mommy I smell poop,  mommy what are you doing, mommy, mommy, mommy.”  And that is not an exaggeration, sometimes they just say my name over and over for no good reason. Running provides a nice escape to just put on my headphones and run!

But the most unexpected reason I have enjoyed running is the opportunity it gives me to just think.

Which lead me to today’s post…after over a month of not blogging due to a transition in life and work…I became overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude while running on this day.

That Sunday at church, our pastor was preaching on finding contentment in God. I confess, while I was listening to the message I wasn’t really intently focused on it due to a headache I woke up with that morning.   But several hours later, his message emerged into my consciousness right smack in the middle of my run. I was admiring the beautiful landscape in the neighborhood that we live in…the very same neighborhood that over three years ago my husband and I dreamed of raising our family in. The same neighborhood that approximately a year ago we prayed for God’s will in purchasing a house at the end of the drive. And it dawned on me…He answered. Of course I had realized this before, but it really dawned on me that He answered this prayer and He has faithfully answered so many others.

I successfully made it all the way through college and graduate school.

I managed to meet and marry a good man, which many women know is hard to come by. Not only has he proven to be a wonderful husband, but a man of integrity, sincerity, and generosity in his personal and business life, and since the addition of our children he has shown to be a great and loving father, involved in every area of their lives and doesn’t act like he’s some sort of hero when he takes care of our kids or household.

There was a brief moment in time when we first started to try to have a baby that I feared we wouldn’t be able to have a baby. We suffered a miscarriage with our first pregnancy and it took awhile to get pregnant the second time. Today, those prayers resulted in my babies that I call Brantley and Payton.

I’ve prayed for favor in our business, and He has more than delivered on that prayer. Seven years since we graduated from chiropractic school and our business is busy enough to support three doctors, two employees, and a massage therapist. And we are steadily growing!

Most importantly I have prayed for God to help me grow spiritually and emotionally. I confess, I am so a peanut M&M…hard candy coating on the outside with a soft and melty center and a little nutty.  I have issues with anger, I’m overly critical and judgmental of others. Mostly because I get frustrated when people don’t live up to my expectations. Apparently, I think everyone should think and act the way I would think and act, and that they would do for me what I would do for them. But over the years God has taught me that this is not how I am to love others…because this is not how He loves me. I can’t say that I don’t still struggle with these things, but what I can say is I’m not the same person I was ten years ago, five years ago, or even yesterday. I’m a work in progress, and I’ve learned that that’s okay. God loves me right where I am…perfection is not what He calls me or you to.

So back to the beginning…it became so overwhelmingly and abundantly clear that God has been so very good and faithful to me. He has given me the biggest desires of my heart. He has and continues to give me everything I need, and has even been so gracious to give me many of the things I merely wanted. Most shockingly is that even with all my flaws, my ugliness, my sin, He loves and blesses me anyways.

And so in the middle of my run I began to cry, but not bad tears…they were tears of joy, of thanksgiving, of realizing that God is who He says He is!  He is more than enough to satisfy any need or desire that I may have…and He can do the same for you.

You need only seek Him, believe He is who He says He is, and put your faith and trust in Him!

He is enough!

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