Get to Know Me

Hi there, I’m Selena, creator of Live~Love~Fix.

 I’m just your average American girl.

I’m wife to my awesome husband, Joshua, married for 6 years and still laughing at and with each other.

I’m mother to our two kids, Brantley (3 years old), and Payton (10 months old).  I’m also a dog mom to our boxer, Matilda (Tilly for short).

While my husband and children take up most of my time and energy (including the time I should be sleeping), there’s a lot more to me than just wife and mom.

I’m an imperfect child of God, loved by my Creator, even when I’m not so lovable.

I’m a chiropractor who fell in love with natural healthcare and remedies while in school and through my own research.

I’m a reader!  I just love books!  I’m constantly starting new books before finishing many others.

I’m a self-taught cook.  My mother hates to cook, so I learned by watching Food Network and through trial-and-error. Now I love to cook!

I’m a hopeful home revitalizer.  Let me explain…my husband and I bought a home that needs some work, mostly cosmetic.  We are pretty handy, and I would like to think I have a good eye for style.  Together we plan to revitalize our new home.

I’m a jokester who loves to laugh!  It’s what inspired me to start a blog.  I want to be able to use the things in the daily grind of my life to reach other women, all while having a laugh.